Day 5 0022
We created the Vita Coco Project to reinvest in our farming communities.
Our Mission: Raise 1 million people in coconut farming communities out of poverty.

Did you know...

The Philippines and Sri Lanka are two of the top five coconut producing regions in the world. However, both have some of the lowest yielding coconut trees. Interventions are needed to increase coconut production and incomes. This is achievable and could correspond to a 2x increase in farmer income.

We are working towards our mission in two ways.

1564675619 community enhancement  patrick baskin

Community Enhancement

We give a portion of our profits back to the communities we source from.
1564676736 farmer enhancement podiratne  madwell

Farmer Enhancement

We help farmers increase their annual yields and grow sustainably.
1564675620 empowering education  hope

Empowering our communities through education

The Goal: To improve the livelihoods of our farmers' children by providing a proper education. To date, we've built 27 classrooms and awarded over 60 scholarships.

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Empowering our farmers to grow more sustainably

The Goal: Help our farmers raise annual coconut yields by learning proper farming techniques including intercropping, fertilization, irrigation, and crop management. To date, over 8,300 farmers have been positively impacted.
1564675620 mimi and abundio bacquiano  sam potter

Spotlight on Abundio and Mimi Bacquiano

By partnering together we have helped improve their farm by introducing proper coconut planting layouts, cacao & banana intercropping, and a coconut seedling nursery. These interventions are generating annual income growth from 54k to 875k PHPesos in year five (+1,520% increase).

1564676737 to date tambuaan dani ip school  sam potter

To date we have...

Built 27 classrooms for K-12 education, awarded over 60 scholarships, positively impacted over 8,300 unique coconut farmers through training programs, provided over 21,000 coconut seedlings which will generate 2.1 million new coconuts annually, and made a lot of new friendly farmer friends.

All in partnership with our amazing program partners.