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Vita Coco would be nothing without our coconut farmers and their families. But our farmers' communities aren't thriving as much as they could be, due to things like weak infrastructure, poor farming practices, or a shortage of schools.

We have a simple mission: we're committed to raising 1 million people in our coconut farming communities out of poverty through our philosophy of Give, Grow, Guide.

Currently, we're focusing on Sri Lanka and the Philippines, because they're two of the world's largest coconut-producing countries in the world, and they're where we can make a bigger impact.


GIVE means we find and invest in products that give back to our farmers and their communities.
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Every child has the right to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. That's why we're helping to build classrooms in the Philippines to provide students with a proper place to study, encouraging them to keep attending school.

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Every year we award scholarships to top-performing students from our coconut farming communities. These brilliant minds belong to family members of our farmers and employees, giving them more opportunities to continue their education and prosper in the future.
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Microloans for Entrepreneurs

Kiva understands how crucial financial support is for entrepreneurs living in developing countries. That's why we partner with them to change lives and communities by providing microloans for ambitious local entrepreneurs. 


GROW means we provide our farmers with programs that'll generate better yielding coconut farms, which means more income for them.
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Coconut Seedlings

Coconuts are so self-sustaining that they can grow into palm trees with just a little bit of love. By giving our farmers the best performing coconut seedlings, we help them grow better yielding coconut trees.
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Coconut trees grow high off the ground, which means there's room to grow complementary crops like corn, bananas, cacao, and coffee right on the same land. We teach farmers how to grow the right crops, providing them with food and another source of income without needing more land.
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Coconut Tree Fertilization

Most farmers don't use fertilizer, or they use ones that'll damage their soil. By training farmers to use better fertilization techniques (like using coconut husks to keep moisture in the soil), they in turn can help their trees produce more and better coconuts.
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Every Piece Counts

After the coconut water and meat are used for our Vita Coco products, we've learned over the years that the rest of a coconut shouldn't go to waste! The outer husks provide roofing for our farmers, our factories use the inner shell as energy fuel, and the coconut fibers are made into textiles, doormats, and baskets. How's that for versatile?


GUIDE means we share best practices and new technology with our farmers so they're ready for a more sustainable future.
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Model Farms

We've developed fully-functioning model farms that teach farmers best practices, how to intercrop, how to grow the best coconut trees, and next-generation farming technology.
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Redeveloping War-torn Provinces

We're implementing agro wells and showing communities how to grow coconuts in previously war-torn Sri Lankan provinces. Investing in these recovering areas helps provide a stable income for people in the community while advancing coconut production in Sri Lanka.