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Posted On: 31 May, 2017

When Good Skin Goes Bad

Keep calm and carry on, as whenever a complexion crisis strikes there’s a facial SOS solution to help...

The Problem; Flakiness
Skin that feels like it’s going flake off at any second and is impossible to slick make-up over is a pain in the beauty bum. Caused by extreme lack of hydration, it is the layers of skin rubbing against each other all the while affected by things like air conditioning and central heating, which dry it out further.
The Fix
A huge dose of hydration will work a treat. First buff away the worst of the flakiness by mixing brown sugar with warm water and using it has a homemade face wash. Next carefully pull off any remaining flakes with a freshly cleaned set of tweezers, giving flecks a quick tug rather than dragging the skin further than necessary. And finally use coconut oil every morning and night, it’s the most moisturising, err, moisturiser around.
The Problem; Open Pores
Complexion looking a bit uneven? It’s clear but there are little open-like spots around the nose, cheeks and/or chin area? That’ll be pesky pores, which we open up with cleansers to ditch grime, but we often forget to close up. Everyone’s pores are a set size – sorry it’s genetic – but we can help them close and appear smaller.
The Fix
Every time you cleanse follow with a toner. The face wash, oil or cream cleanser you use does a grand job of leaving things super fresh, but you then need a toner to smooth things back over. You can also bag a pore-specific primer to pop on pre-make-up for extra pore closing coaxing.
The Problem; Red Patches
Cold weather, too much sun, air conditioning, irritation and beauty products that don’t agree with you…unsightly red patches can flare up anytime, normally when we least need them too and can cause serious confidence dips. Boo.
The Fix
You need a super sensitive cream; Look for one with limited ingredients and definitely go for fragrance free. A natural oil – like coconut – works a treat too as they don’t contain any chemical nasties. As it heals try mixing a little blue eye shadow in with your foundation to knock out the redness – it works trust us, it’s all about the opposite colour effect – and if things persist pop to see your GP.
The Problem; Spots
Hormones, diet, stress, changes in the weather…spots show up for a number of reasons, in patches, flying solo and always when something important is going to happen. It’s sods law. However you can help your face out.
The Fix
In general leave them alone. Seriously, Treat them with an antiseptic or spot specialised treatments then don’t mess. Cover up wise, use a concealer pre and post foundation for extra hiding power. And between us you can pop a white head, only if it’s white and you know, ready to go. Wash your hands, use a face wipe as a barrier and press with fingertips, never finger nails. And the main rule is one spot, one pop. Ok?
The Problem; Grey Face/Dullness
Looking a bit off colour? Actually does your face have limited colour in general? If that ‘meh’ kinda greyness has taken over it’s usually down to the build up of dead skin cells. They stay on the surface stopping the fresher, plumper skin push through.
The Fix
Buff, buff and buff some more. Facial washes with fruit enzymes work a treat here as the acids in the fruit really breakdown that grey skin. You can also try a DIY mix of porridge oats and coconut oil. Follow with a moisturiser packed with light reflecting particles to really show off your newly radiant skin.

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