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Posted On: 07 December, 2017

Spring Salad

This gorgeous green salad is bursting with seasonal spring ingredients.
It's light, fresh and delicious - just what's needed now that sunnier, and warmer days are
coming. Serve with this easy to make sweet mustard dressing and you'll never buy
shop bought again!

Ingredients, Serves 2

12 new potatoes, boiled
125g asparagus, grilled
130g fresh peas
130g soy beans
75g watercress
2 slice of lemon, to garnish


¼ cup. lemon juice
2 tbsp. plain soy yoghurt
2 tbsp. Vita Coco coconut oil, melted
1 tbsp/ 2 tbsp. maple syrup, to taste
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 tsp. turmeric (for colouring)


Boil the new potatoes until soft, and grill the asparagus. Once cooked, toss together
in a large bowl along with the rest of the ingredients.

Divide between two dishes and set to one side whilst you make the dressing.


Put all of the ingredients into a small jug and whisk well until combined.
Drizzle desired amount of dressing over each salad and serve

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