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Posted On: 21 December, 2016

Selasi's Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Who doesn't like ice cream?! And this isnt just any ice cream... give it a try you nutters!
·        25-50g Vita Coco coconut oil, melted
·        750g Bananas, peeled and chopped
·        200g-250g crunchy peanut butter
·        60g cocoa powder
·        100g 52%, dark chocolate, chopped (divide 80/20)
·        3 tbsp black sesame seeds

·        Big waffle cones.
·        50g chocolate, melted.

1.   Freeze the peeled banana the night before.
2.   Place the frozen bananas in a food processor with the cocoa powder.
3.   Add the peanut butter in 50g increments as you blend on slow speed.
4.   Slowly add the Vita Coco coconut oil to loosen the mix.
5.   Add 80g chocolate, whizz for a few seconds
6.   Stir in the sesame seeds.
7.   When the mix is well blended and smooth, spoon into a plastic container. Top with the remaining sesame seeds and 20g chocolate.
8.   Cover and freeze. Alternatively use immediately by scooping into a bowl or if you prefer, a cone.
9.   For the cone, dip the top tip into the chocolate and allow to set. Repeat for as many cones as you wish.
1.   It’s important to peel the banana before freezing otherwise it’ll be impossible to peel when frozen.
2.   You could also fill the bottom of your cone with melted chocolate. Nice Surprise at the bottom.

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