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Posted On: 31 May, 2017

Love yoga & meditation? You need these mindfulness apps

Goodbye stress and anxiety...

Some of the apps on your phone can increase stress levels (hello Facebook), but if you download the right mindfulness apps you can totally get some much-needed zen time…

Headspace is super popular these days, with users saying it helps lower their stress and anxiety levels. You get ten free 10-minute meditation sessions to ease you into a daily habit, accompanied by cute animations.
Download the app here.

It’s a scary world out there so it’s good to find a little bit of calmness when you need it. The Calm app starts you out with a seven-day program and it’s really good for beginners.
Download the app here.

Ditch Adele and Sam Smith, if you need soothing noises Omvana will sort you out. Omvana gives you access to many meditation sounds and music and will even let you create your own with the background music mixer.
Download the app here.

Are you guilty of working through your lunch break? Make that a thing of the past if you download Take A Break. You can choose between a short or a longer meditation break.
Download the app here.

The Anxiety Free app uses self-hypnosis techniques to help lessen stress and supress feelings of anxiousness. The guided lessons developed by Donald Mackinnon are each 90 minutes long.
Download the app here.

The Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app was made to help you get to sleep – you can choose from a waterfall sound, bird sounds, thunder (should you wish!) and you can also use the app as an alarm.
Download the app here.

Yes, Pokemon GO could help with stress and anxiety according to doctors. Want proof? One Twitter user tweeted: “#PokemonGO has honestly helped so much with my depression and anxiety I’m actually talking to people and being active I love this so much.”
Many studies suggest that the more you exercise, the more it would help decrease feelings of depression.
Download the app here.