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Posted On: 01 June, 2017

Love Coconut Oil? Here’s How To Use It In Your Christmas Dinner

Roasted spuds, the turkey - even your cauliflower cheese sauce will taste fab when you cook it with coconut oil. Here’s how.

So, you’ve switched your olive oil for it’s lighter cousin coconut and are feeling the benefits – but how do you incorporate a modern day foodie champion into the most anticipated, traditional meal of the year?
No, you don’t have to swap your stuffing for a side salad. Here’s how to cook the King of the roasts – your big Christmas Day feast – with coconut oil.


Before you call the Christmas police, remember that people buy jars of actual duck fat to roast thier tatties in. Jars. Of. Actual. Duck. Fat. We’re all for xmas indulgence, but let’s win some points back with this brilliant coconut oil spud recipe and cash them in for extra pudding later. This recipe actually uses sweet potatoes, which is sensational, but by all means use your favourite white spuds too. The subtle coconut crunch around fluffy roasties, a piece of salty gammon and some apple sauce, all piled up on a fork? Divine.


What ingredient goes deliciously well with crunchy macadamia nuts, the warm hum of cinnamon and zesty cranberries? Coconut oil. This recipe tastes exactly how mega Christmas stuffing should – tangy, juicy and indulgent, like a mouthful of festive joy, plus you only have to cook it for about 5 minutes before whacking it inside your chicken (or Turkey, if you’re doing things properly). Trust the extra apple, it works.


Look, we love a sprout, but it’s 2015 and even kale with it’s blandness been a thing – there should be a law in place by now under which every kitchen is banned from serving them pale and unseasoned. Give your sprouts some oomph and char them in coconut oil – they’ll get all sticky and caramelised on the outside, and if you cut them in half the layers will catch and go crunchy on the outside. This recipe is great and super quick.


The biy dog (bird) of the Christmas feast. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you disregard tradition and turn your roast into a Thai turkey coconut concoction, but if you add some of the oil to a delicious Christmas butter before slathering it all over the bird you’ll have another thing to be thankful for on the big day. This method not only garuntees an amazing lunch, but keeps the notoriously dry meat nice and moist when cooking. Bonus.


Now you’re talking! Cauliflower cheese doesn’t necessarily make the cut at every roast lunch, and if you’re a big CS fan then you understand that injustice, but, really, there’s no excuses for it’s absence at Christmas. We already know cauliflower and coconut oil are a match made in foodie heaven, so use the latter to fry up some leeks and onion before combining with coconut oil roasted cauliflower. Vegan? You can come too – this recipe for cheese sauce is totally dairy free.


Coconut oil roasted carrots (and parsnips, for that matter) are really special, because the veg is naturally sweet and the coconut oil’s, well, nutty, creating a lovely balance of festive flavour. Add the punch of spicy ginger and fresh orange from this recipe and you’ll have another reason why Christmas trimmings really are the best part of the day.


We’ve all got a “I once ate an entire trifle in one sitting” story, so let’s not be shy about our love for December’s best pud. Yes, you can buy them ready made and delicious, but if you make it yourself you can sneak in an extra layer of spounge, so it’s your life choice. Someone get this coconut, chai jam and jelly trifle recipe a medal – it’s outrageously good, and it just so happens to be gluten free too.

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