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Posted On: 28 May, 2017

How To Have The Best Hangover Ever!

The skincare, eats, drinks and make-up tricks for pre, during and after the fun-est parties of the season…

It’s party o’clock. And while we’ve been healthy when it comes to exercise, on track food wise and generally controlling the booze intake all year now is the time to let your perfectly tousled hair down. From family gatherings to work dos and festive meet ups with friends it’s all go go go with the fun. And also the subsequent hangovers. But never fear, we’re here to help you have the best hangover around.
Ok so it won’t be something to look forward to, but it will definitely be something easier to grin and bear, especially when you have over excited kids, grumbling in laws and a stack of presents to deal with. Happy hangover-ing!


Just like your body prep – shave, moisturise with coconut oil, blow dry, flirty make-up and endless outfit trying on etc, etc – you need to prep your body from the inside & protein power up! Forget pizza, canapés or Quality Street as you sup pre-pub Pinot, you need scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach. Yep we know it sounds like breakfast, but it is the best tummy liner around, helping the body power through your hangover before it’s even begun. It will also give you the boost you need to dance all night long as this high protein and nutrient combo team up for a steady energy release.



Of course you know to sup water, but pimp that hydration hitter with a vitamin c tablet before you go out. Traditionally taken when your head hurts the morning after, taking it now gives you a head start, literally.

Lay out your stumble-home-at-3am-second-tea now. This will save you toasting an entire loaf of bread or making for a late night kebab, which will definitely make you feel worse come morning – processed foods are a nightmare to digest when your tummy is already in turmoil. Oatcakes and peanut butter are dreamy for a carby-esque but healthier hit.


We don’t want to get in the way of your fun, but a little bit of managed drinking during your seasonal shenanigans will help you 12 hours later. Trust us on this one; Dance, dance, dance – whether it’s to cheesy Christmas tunes or even swaying to carols, keeping moving will keep that alcohol moving through your system, speeding up metabolism. It can help move blood through your system moving on the toxins in alcohol in an orderly fashion.


No not on every round, but every other one. Pretend you’re supping a vodka, fresh lime and soda (the best drink in town when it comes to calories, clarity and a vitamin c hit thanks to the citrus fruit twist FYI), when you’re really downing just the lime and soda part. You’ll still be merry, but not too merry and a little bit richer to boot.

You don’t need those teeny tiny morsels of beige food, they don’t actually taste of much, will weigh you down and can add to that meh feeling the next day as they are so limited on nutritional benefits. Distract yourself with that dancing we were talking about.

Wah, even a well maintained drink, fake drink, and so on routine will still mean you feel a little rough post boozing. But you can still help yourself and your hangover; DIY Bulletproof Coffee – get that cafeteria on the good, make a top bean blend and then add a few drops of coconut oil. It will make your coffee froth and the oil magically means the caffeine is absorbed at super speed making you feel a whole lot better.

Until you are a 100 per cent recovered reach for your make-up bag to hide that remaining hangover. Pretending will help your mind shake off the fogginess too! Make those peepers look as wide as possible by using a nude liner on the waterline to open them right up. Work a highlight into the inner corners using a shimmering powder. And opt for a brown mascara on lashes – it’s softer – applying just to the top lashes, leaving the bottoms ones alone for a final eye opening flourish. Slick some coconut oil on as lip balm and you’re good to go.