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Posted On: 29 December, 2016

Selasi's Honey and beer glazed BBQ chicken skewers

Summer evenings call for BBQ's and our friend Selasi's honey and beer glazed chicken skewers are the answer to all your BBQ needs!
·        1 tbsp. Vita Coco coconut oil
·        12 boneless chicken thighs, skin on.
·        5 tbsp. honey
·        ½ pint beer
·        1-2 tsp sea salt
·        1-2 small fresh chillies, grind to a paste (Can leave seed out if prefer it hotter)
·        1 tsp paprika
·        3 cloves garlic - grated
·        ½ a red onion sliced
Coconut oil BBQ glaze
·        3tbsp Vita Coco coconut oil, melted
·        1 tbsp chopped parsley
·        salt and pepper to taste
·        2 tsp. cayenne pepper
·        3tbsp honey 

1.   Prepare all of the ingredients
2.   Blitz the chilli and onion together in a food processor with a tiny amount of Vita Coco coconut oil
3.   A few hours or night before, marinade the chicken with all the ingredients ensuring that you massage the mixture into the meat to help the flavour in.
4.   When ready, skewer the chicken on metal or bamboo skewers
5.   Turn on the grill and when ready, begin to BBQ your chicken, making sure you’re turning every few minutes.
6.   Have your seasoned Vita Coco coconut oil glaze ready, start brushing the chicken with the oil as you grill.
7.   Do not overcook as this will be dry. You’re after juicy chicken pieces with a lovely shine.
8.   Serve with all of your BBQ favourites
1.   Pre-soak if using wooden skewers or wrap the ends in kitchen foil.
2.   When you first place the chicken on the grill, do not turn over for a few minutes.

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