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Posted On: 31 May, 2017

Gym Kit Reboot: all the gym gear you need

When you have a new workout outfit you just want to show the world your new threads. Here's our favourite picks from the high street...

Look the part, work twice as hard! Or something. Give your gym kit a facelift with these high-street pieces that are oh-so-stylish and purse-friendly. You’re welcome. 


If it’s good enough for Beyonce….
Queen Bey’s Ivy Park sportswear collection has us (quite literally) running in to Topshop. From cool hoodies, to sports staples, and breathable vest tops this range is for the ultimate trendy Wendy who likes to hit the gym. We can’t promise that you’ll be able to sing/dance/flick your hair like Beyonce, but hey, it’s worth a try.

Left to right: Leotard, £30, Cropped top, £20, Leggings, £38.

Gym Clothing: MissguidedWho wants to spend a gazillion pounds on something we’ll wear for a week, and never again. We joke of course, the ‘new me’ is here to stay yada yada yada. Just in case that’s not the case, head to Missguided because there are so many cool pieces there – and it’s a brand new collection. With pieces at £20 or less, it won’t matter if you don’t get much wear out of it.


Gym Wear: H&MIs there anything H&M can’t do?! If you can bear to tear your eyes away from the off-the-shoulder tops, boho dresses and mule shoes that will be impossible to walk in, make sure you look at the sportswear collection. It’s just so on point this season, featuring neon accents, intricate detailing and soft textures. You”ll love going to the gym. Well, maybe not love. But you’ll love your outfit.

Left to right: Vest, £7.99, Sports bra, £14.99, Sports top with sports bra, £19.99


Gym Wear: SainsburysWho says you have to spend loads on gym wear? NO WAY. A swimsuit for under £10, a pair of leggings that will get you noticed and a T-shirt you’ll wear again and again – Sainsbury’s have you covered. And then when you’ve brought your new keep-fit outfit, you can peruse the pizza aisle. Hey – walking around the supermarket burns calories too, y’know.


Gym Wear: New LookYou won’t regret hitting New Look for your new gym kit. As you can see in our selection above, the high-street store is giving you a helping hand with deep ‘n’ meaningful motivational phrases on their tops. All help is appreciated. Fact. We’re thinking: if you wear a T-shirt that says ‘no excuses’, you won’t cancel because Gogglebox is on the telly. Fingers crossed.