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Posted On: 09 October, 2017

In A Nutshell: Alex Crockford

As part of our In A Nutshell blog series, we are excited to share how key members of our Vita Coco community incorporate our products into their lifestyle to stay on top of their game. Our first interview comes from Alex Crockford - fitness model, personal trainer and founder of the fitness brand #CrockFit.

Describe yourself in three words?

  1. Driven
  2. Passionate
  3. Fun

At Vita Coco we’re passionate about maintaining a healthy, yet realistic lifestyle. We realise health and wellness is very important to you. How do you incorporate Vita Coco into your lifestyle to feel your best?

I find that when I use Vita Coco, whether that’s water, milk, or oil, I feel like I’m giving my body some good natural nutrition, so it always keeps me motivated to make other good decisions. But also if I've had a bad weekend or a few drinks the night before, for example, then I always feel better making Annie a big smoothie with coconut water or milk! 

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? And on that note, what’s your go-to Vita Coco recipe? 

Haha well, I think I use Vita Coco for all meals of the day but mostly breakfast! I’ve also been loving my post workout shake recently using coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon powder, oats, and frozen blueberries.

Favourite moment with Vita Coco? 

This summer just gone Vita Coco had a massive Slip n' Slide in Brockwell Park which was awesome, but not only that it was a HOT and refreshing Vita Coco cocktails were being served...!

If you could take any Vita Coco product on a desert island, what would it be and why?

Hmm tricky one, but I’d say coconut oil because it would probably keep me fuelled for longer, and I could rub it on my sun burnt face to help it repair too haha!

Thanks for spreading the coconutty love! Keep up-to-date with Alex and how he incorporates Vita Coco into his daily routine as well as a whole host of other fitness tips and tricks on his Instagram: alexcrockford.

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