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Posted On: 31 May, 2017

7 quick summer hairstyles that take 3 minutes

Seven speedy summer hairstyles to get celeb-worthy locks in less than three minutes…

Want the most low maintenance look of the season? Make like Millie Mackintosh and leave your hair to dry all on its own. Once it has just a hint of wave in it thanks to Mother Nature, spritz the mid lengths to ends with Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray, £6.99, and then rub strands in about two inch sections between your finger and thumb. This creates effortless texture quicker than you can say ‘effortless texture’. Beauts. Works whatever length your locks.
Who doesn’t want to look like the coolest member of the Kardashian/Jenner klan, we mean clan? Exactly and you can’t get cooler than this hair do as showcased by Kendall Jenner. This wet-look, pulled back ponytail is perfect for holidays, hot days and long summer nights…or all three. Simply brush all your hair backwards, then rub a little Vita Coco Coconut Oil, £14.50, into the palms of your hands before smoothing this oil over your handiwork. Secure at the nape of your neck with a bobble, brush down the bottom of the pony with a little more oil and that’s it. Do a mini version on shorter hair.
Straight summer hair, as modelled very prettily by Laura Whitmore, is big news right now and very much on trend. And all you need is some hardcore, but kind to hair, straightners. We love Cloud 9 Iron, £129.95, for working from the roots to tips, lifting hair up and outwards as you straighten to avoid that flat, stuck to the head finish. Go over locks a few times, paying particular interest to the very ends ensuring these strands are the sleekest of the lot.
If you fancy a bit of relief from the heat then do a Daisy Lowe and mess up your braid. Sweep all your hair to one side with your fingers, secure with one bobble, quickly plait the hair and secure again with another bobble. Then, to give it a modern edge, gently mist the braid with VO5 Give Me Texture Texturising Spray, £4.19, and pull at the plait a little using your fingers. Messing it up like this stops the whole effect being too school girl.
Tongs are the ready, no not for the BBQ, to make your hair look just like Abbey Clancy’s. Opt for the best in business, aka Paul Mitchell Neuro Styling Spring Curling Iron, £69.95, take three-inch wide sections of hair and wrap hair around the barrel. Hold for a few sections, release and leave super curly for a moment. Work your way around the head in a random fashion, pointing the tong this way and that. Once all your super curls are in place quickly mist with hair spray. Leave to cool then shake out to mermaid-worthy waves with your fingers. Tah and dah. This works a treat on mid-length to short hair too.
If the temps ever soar then long hair can be a bit pesky to say the least. It seems that Binky Felstead has suffered with this, which is why she’s probably rocking a fake, shorter do. Grab some Kirby grips and work your way around the head, sliding each one through a two inch-wide section at the very end and then pinning it up and underneath. Hide the grips beneath the higher part of your hair. Keep the whole look in with a blast of Redken Fashion Work Hairspray, £10.40. Don’t panic if a few stray strands escape they give added cool points to your do.
Dreamy for weddings or nights out on your holidays the undone, slightly messy side bun looks like it took you ages but actually it’s super speedy to whip up. Just ask Chloe Lewis. Shake hair out and add some volume with Bedhead Queen For A Day Thickening Spray, £8.50, then pull hair around to your favourite side. Section into three and secure the middle bit in a ponytail with a bobble. Then take hair in a random fashion from the other two sections, pinning them into the place after twisting and turning them around the ponytail, finish by clipping up the ends of the ponytail up as well.