Our Coconuts

It all starts with our farmers

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Our farmer partners

Since they give so much to us, we make it our mission to give back to them. In 2015, we created the Vita Coco Project to help our farmers create a sustainable future for themselves and their families by investing in local farming and educational programs. Learn more here
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But what exactly is a coconut?

Technically a coconut is a drupe! That’s a fruit where the fleshy part surrounds a single shell or hard pit (think plums, cherries, & peaches). Every coconut has 4 parts: the outer husk, the inner shell, coconut meat, and tasty coconut water.

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Where we source

We started with one farm in Brazil. Now we have farms in Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia!
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How we harvest our coconuts

whether it’s climbing a 100 foot tall tree or poking at it with a bamboo machete stick, our farmers do some seriously cool (and professional) work to bring you coconuts every day!
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We use every part of the coconut!

The liquid inside a coconut is what makes up our nutritious Vita Coco Coconut Water, the meat is used for our coconut oil and is a key ingredient in our coconut milk. Our factories burn the shells to generate energy, and our farmers place the used husks around existing coconut palm trees.