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Posted On: February 04, 2019

Life Force by Max & Liz Lowenstein

• 1 Cup Chopped Celery
• 1 Cup Spinach
• 2 cups of Vita Coco Pressed Coconut Water
• 1 Tsp Chaga
• 1 tsp Cordyceps
• ½ Cup frozen Mango
• 1 Cup Frozen Wild Blueberries
• Raw Honey or Agave to taste
• Optional: ¼ Cup Cilantro

Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods.
Spinach is a mineral rich superfood. 
Coconut Water is great for hydration and increases circulation (especially before and after workouts).
Chaga reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system.
Cordyceps are shown to enhance exercise performance.
Mango is known as “King of the fruits, “ it helps flushes out toxins in the body.
Blueberries are a heavy metal detoxifier, rich in antioxidants, anti-aging, and the list goes on!

Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender (coconut water goes last) - you may need to add more coconut water to cover all the ingredients. Blend, serve into 2-4 servings, and enjoy!

Start with a n achievable and realistic goal you can 100% stick to, even if it is slightly less ambitious. For example, if you ant to say more hydrated, drink a glass of lukewarm water (optional lemon) to jumpstart your digestion + metabolism first thing in the morning!

Max and Liz Lowenstein are AcroYoga teachers, yoga instructors, Registered Dietitians, and health enthusiasts. Max & Liz travel all over the world teaching AcroYoga, yoga, and handstands at conventions, festivals, workshops, and mindfulness retreats and organize retreats, workshops, and events across the world.

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