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Posted On: February 04, 2019

Creamy Coconut Oatmeal by Molly Knauer

• ½ Cup Oats
• 1 Cup Vita Coco Coconutmilk
• 1 Tbsp Peanut or Almond Butter
• 1 Tsp Chia Seeds + Cinnamon
• 1 Tbsp Dried Mulberries
• 1 Tbsp Cacao Nibs
• Handful of Blueberries

1. Cook the oats, chia seeds and cinnamon in the coconut milk on your stove top until the oats soak up the liquid (about 10 minutes). 
2. Mix in the peanut or almond butter, mulberries, cacao nubs and blueberries on top and enjoy!

Breakfast should include protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep your mood stable and energy high until your next meal!

Molly Knauer is a registered dietitian with her master’s degree in clinical nutrition. Molly works one-on-one with clients counseling on weight loss, weight maintenance, managing gastrointestinal diseases, and overall healthy eating to help clients attain the confidence and energy to tackle their life’s passions. She also works as a nutrition consultant for several brands in the food, wellness, and beauty space. 

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