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Posted On: February 04, 2019

Classic Avocado Toast by Draya Michele

• 1 Avocado
• 1 Tsp Vita Coco Coconut Oil
• 2 Slices of Whole Grain Toast
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Toast whole grain bread to your liking. In the meantime, mash avocado and coconut oil together in a bowl. Once creamy, spread the avocado mixture on top of your toast, followed by sliced cherry tomatoes and lemon pepper seasoning. Enjoy!

Balance is the key to everything. Everyone who knows me knows that I am all about having fun and living in the moment, but it’s important to me to balance it out with taking care of my body. I try to feed my body with clean food and healthy fats and then work out HARD to burn it off!

Draya Michele is an entrepreneur and digital personality, known for the global success of her e-commerce fashion network, curated as a branch of her personal brand. With over 7 million followers across social media, Draya is an established force in all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment.

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