Our Story

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We're From New York

Vita Coco started in New York City. That's right—nowhere near the tropics, nowhere near a beach. The only jungle around here is a concrete one, and there isn't a coconut tree growing within 100 miles of here. 

It started in 2003 when Mike and Ira were at a bar and met two women from Brazil. Trying to make conversation, they asked, "What do you miss most about home?" And they said, "coconut water," which was not a common thing in NYC or anywhere in the U.S. That night led to Mike and Ira eventually visiting the women in Brazil, where they came up with a plan to bring coconut water to the U.S., and Vita Coco was born.
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From Brazil to the World

Before long, Mike and Ira released the first line of natural coconut water in the U.S., which quickly became a household name while attracting some superfans like Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, and Rihanna — long before anyone knew what an 'influencer' was.
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Beyond Coconut Water

As it turns out, coconuts aren't just good for coconut water, as Mike and Ira learned from people who have been harvesting and using coconuts for centuries. So now we're also using coconuts for coconut milk, coconut oil, and countless other things.
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Going Global

What began at a bar in NYC grew to be a global brand in dozens of coconut water-deprived countries, while sourcing our coconuts from farmers in places like Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. 

And that's our origin story. It's not the craziest brand story out there, but it's 100% ours and 100% real.